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Miele SEB 236 PH.jpg
List Price: $314.95


- Fantastic build quality
- Fantastic for carpet
- Simple to use and versatile
- Large rubber wheels
- LED lights
- Made in Germany!

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SEB 236

Electro Premium - Powerhead

Especially wide for quick and deep cleaning of carpeting.

  • Motor-driven for evenly cleaning and brushing all depths of pile

  • Five-level height adjustment adapts to all carpet depths

  • Integrated lighting - no speck of dust remains undetected

  • Direct connection to retrofit appliance with electro suction hose

  • The electrically powered roller brush even removes stubborn dirt

NOTE: Please make sure your Miele vacuum is compatible with electric powerheads before purchasing.

1 Year Warranty
Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given!​​
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