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Miele STB 305 Turbohead.jpg
List Price: $129.00


- Lightweight
- Great for carpet and rugs
- Simple to use and versatile
- Rubber wheels
- Made in Germany!

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STB 305-3

Air-Driven turbohead (similar to a powerhead)

For quick removal of hair and threads, even from delicate rugs and carpets.

  • For easy and thorough cleaning of short-pile carpets

  • Does not stick to carpets thanks to the air valve

  • No separate connection, powered by current of air

NOTE: If you have shedding pets and carpet or very thick carpet, we recommend taking a look at the Miele SEB 228 or Miele SEB 236 powerhead for more reliable performance. Or, you can take a look at a new Miele vacuum that includes an electric powerhead.

1 Year Warranty
Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given!​​
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