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High quality, made in germany, laundry detergent. This is some of the highest quality laundry detergent in the world, and is a product we have been carrying in our store for years! Perwoll is very similar quality to persil megaperls, but is in a liquid, more delicate format.


Most users in Vancouver will get more than 45 washes due to our soft water. Some users may see as high as 100 washes.


Persil detergent doesn't just clean your clothes, it also cleans the drum in the washing machine and helps prevent residue from forming.


If you are in Vancouver or somehwere with soft water, we recommend to follow the following instructions:


Use 1/4 - 1/2 of the detergent recommended on the instructions on the bottle.


Choose between Pink Large, Colour, Sport, Black, White or Pink Small in the add to cart section (Note: Pink is suitable for users who wash their whites, darks, and colours together. However, always pay attention to perwolls instructions.)

Perwoll Delicate Detergents

PriceFrom C$16.28
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