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A champion of cleanliness

When it comes to upright vacuums, the X-Series is one of our most powerful models. With top-class suction and an incredible filtration system, it is equipped with a number of features that give its performance the edge over similar models. 

Perfect for all surfaces

The X-Series is sensitive to its surroundings and adjusts its brush height based on the floor it’s cleaning. This means you don’t have to manually adjust any settings. Simply push the vacuum from hard floor to rugs without a second thought. 

Automatic change via surface sensors

Give your back a break with auto adjustments. This vacuum is designed to change brush height based on sensors that keep an eye on what floor it’s cleaning. An upright that is particularly good for those who may suffer from back issues, that is one smart vacuum cleaner.

Boost performance with the X7 Premium

Take the X-Series one step further with the X7 Premium, equipped with a boost button to turbocharge your cleaning performance. Handy for situations where dirt is stubbornly clinging to a carpet, the boost feature will give you the extra oomph needed to gather every last speck of dust. 


The AUTOMATIC X is the world’s most technically advanced and uniquely easy-to-use vacuum cleaner!

The 12” X7 and X7 Premium, as well as the 15” X8 all feature truly automatic height adjustment so you always know your brush is set to the perfect height for your carpet or hard floor.

Feeling ambitious? Press the Boost Button on the X7 Premium and the spinning brush will lower itself to do more intense brushing. It also features a head lamp to help you see dirt and dust more easily as you vacuum.

No need to guess about clogging, worn brushes or full bags either – AUTOMATIC X vacuums alert you when these things happen, making vacuum maintenance easy as pie.

Sebo X7 Premium

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