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Simplicity S65P Cordless Vac

Simplicity S65 MODEL 2.png
List Price: $799
ON SALE: $499


- Fantastic Value
- HEPA Filtration
- Many accessories & 2 Batteries
- Great for carpet and floors
- Rubber wheels
- Easy to maintain

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Better than any DYSON rechargeable!

Quick, easy and versatile, the lightweight Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum adapts quickly to whatever you need to clean. Perfect for cleaning bare floors and rugs, the S65 runs up to 25 minutes*, with the powerhead, at regular speed and uses some of the most reliable battery technology available on the market. It’s a Simplicity, so of course it’s easy to use. Unlike other cordless stick vacuums, the on/off switch keeps the vacuum running without having to hold the trigger continuously. Two speeds let you adjust the power at the press of a button.

Note: Some other rechargeable vacuums say they can run up to 1 hour. That is at low speed, no accessories, and a perfectly clean unit with new filters. You will almost never get 1 hour of cleaning time with a rechargeable vacuum. The vast majority of rechargeable vacuums will go for around 10 minutes at max power with accessories.

The S65 comes with two motorized attachments. On the carpet and bare floor nozzle, an LED headlight brightens all the nooks where dust lurks, and a motorized upholstery brush. Remove the metal wand, and the S65 can be used as a hand vacuum that weighs just over three pounds. Emptying the dust bin is simple, and you can be sure the HEPA media filter traps allergen particles neatly. At just 5.5 pounds, it’s lightweight, too.
simplicity s65 pic 1.jpeg

S65 comes with a multitude of tools to help you clean high, low and everything in between:

– Carpet nozzle with nylon brushes and LED lights

- Floor Nozzle with soft roller

– Pet tool turbo brush

– Combination crevice tool/dusting brush with nylon bristles

– Upholstery tool

- 2 Batteries

simplicity s65 pic 2.jpeg

The S65 has two storage options, a wall mount and a floor storage/charging station that keeps all tools at the ready and can charge the battery when not in use. Removing the battery takes seconds — no tools needed!

*Runtimes vary based on floor surface, charge level and age of battery

1 Year Warranty!

Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given!​​
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